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As one of the most popular cafes in Melbourne, ACOFFEE is actually a very special brand. The exterior of the warehouse building has the feeling of coming to an Apple store.


ACOFFEE was founded in 2016 by Korean barista Byoung-Woo Kang (BW) in 2014, he won the Australian Cup Tasting Championship in 2014, he has a high reputation in the local coffee circle. At the beginning , it was just an independent coffee bean roastery, and it was not open to the public.


Later, the co-founder Joshua Crasti is mainly responsible for the store design. ACOFFEE The soul is integrated into the space visual aesthetics. Byoung-Woo Kang used to roast beans at Market Lane Coffee and won the 2014 Australian Cup Taster Championship, he pays more attention to the quality of the beans themselves. 

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